Elite Luxury Companion


Discretion is paramount for our shared experience, so here are a few guidelines to ensure an amazing adventure:


I will arrive clean and freshly showered and expect the same in return.

Drug Use:

Illegal substances of any kind (before or during our time together) will not be tolerated nor will excessive drinking. If either situation occurs, please know that I will be unable to stay and reimbursement is not possible. In states where it is legal, cannabis is welcome as is alcohol in moderation.


Please do not discuss any donations during our time together, unless it is at the end of our time and you'd care to extend. Any mention of the donation prior to the end of our date will result in my immediate departure.

All modeling fees must be placed in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom upon my arrival.


Email is my preferred method of communication. Please refrain from texting unless we need to take care of logistical details on the day of our rendezvous. Your kind appreciation and understanding is greatly appreciated.